Assignment 6: Honing Our Sample Design

6-1 Assignment

Choose a major news event of the last ten years. You might choose a political event, economic event, sporting event, etc. Look up the event on the Internet and find a page that reports on it, with pictures.

Using the two-column layout provided on Page 6 of this module, recreate this event as a two-column web page with the main feature next to a side bar explaining some related nuance.

Using your design abilities and available photos try to create a well created web page paying homage to this event. Experiment with the following: flowing text with floats; using percentages, padding and margins; typesetting with CSS; custom fonts; and adding images.

You can even customize the links area on the bottom. Make sure you upload the final assignment to your server and turn in the relevant documents to through the submit feature on this page. Please make sure you also credit all relevant text and images that you don’t create yourself.